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This Is How The SBA Helps Small Businesses To Get Loans

The Federal Small Business Agency (SBA) helps small businesses obtain financing by establishing rules for loans and reducing the risk of lenders. These loans backed by the SBA make it easier for small businesses to get the financing they need.

The SBA only grants direct loans in the case of companies and homeowners who are recovering from a declared disaster.

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  Small Business (You)

The Federal Small Business Administration (SBA)
Reduces Risk And Allows Easier Access To Capital.

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Loans 7(a)

The SBA's most common loan program, which includes financial aid for companies with special requirements.

504 loans

Long-term financing, at a fixed rate, of up to $5 million for the main fixed assets.


Benefits Of Loans Guaranteed By The SBA

  • Competitive terms: Loans guaranteed by the SBA generally have rates and installments comparable to those of unsecured loans.

  • Advice and education: Some loans come with continuous support to help you start and run your business.

  • Unique benefits: Lower initial payments, flexible overhead requirements, and unnecessary guarantee for some loans.

Get $500 To $5.5 Million To Finance Your Business

Loans secured by the SBA range from small to large and can be used for most business purposes, including long-term fixed assets and operating capital. Some loan programs set restrictions on how you can use your financing. Amerishop Financial can match you to the right loan for your business needs.


Working Capital

Such as seasonal financing, export loans, revolving credit and refinanced business debts.


Fixed Assets

Such as furniture, real estate, equipment, construction and remodeling.

Eligibility Requirements

In general, eligibility is based on what a business does to receive its income, the nature of its ownership and where the business operates. Normally, businesses must meet SBA size standards, be able to reimburse and have a solid business purpose. Even those with poor credit can qualify for initial financing. Amerishop Financial will provide you with a complete list of eligibility requirements for your loan.


"It's A Commercial Business" The business is officially registered and operates legally.

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"He Does Business In The United States" The business is physically located and operates in the United States or its territories.


"He Has Invested Capital" The business owner has invested his own time or money in the business.


"No Financing Options" The business cannot obtain funds from any other lender.

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