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Listen to their genuine comments on how our business loan can actually help their business out



I own a Tobacco Shop. I was going through financial difficulties in my business with the Covid-19 pandemic, I was glad that I could get my funding, to solve my financial issues. The funding from Amerishop the I got was close to $1 million; It didn't even take 48 hours for my approval. As for the application process; it is not as difficult as you think: it is easy to apply. If you are a business owner who faces same situation like mine, I highly recommended you to apply with Amerishop Financial Services & Advisors.


My name is Cindy and my husband and I own a Flower Shop. Due to the pandemic my sales had dropped. There were less customers to buy flowers from my shop; plus I had to pay my rent and utilities; was experiencing bad times. I applied for a business loan in a bank, and it took a long time to process. Also the bank did not approve my application at the end! Afterwards, I would say I felt fortunate that I could obtain funding of $30k from Amerishop Financial, just within 2 days. The application process is simple and quick. For me, the customer experiences was totally great.  


I have a coffee shop. During the period of Covid-19 pandemic, I faced lack of cash to run our business such as paying our staff wages, rent. Fortunately, I was able to receive $50k in funding within 2 days from Amerishop Financial. I find it easy to apply for a business loan for my business. Eventually, with this funding; our business can survive in the pandemic and even sustain until now, thanks God! In my opinion, this type of business loans suit for any type of business, especially small businesses.

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